Making decisions on digital initiatives is not easy when you can’t grasp the technology, what the worldwide situation looks like, and whats already been done. To be frank – few in senior management (or in management as a whole) have the necessary skills and track record to make investment critical decisions when it comes to apps, mobile, social and other parts of the digital domain. Evolution happens here at breakneck speeds, and the divide between generations is huge. Risk is often a complex matter, and by default high.

This is where we and especially our founder Mattias Beijmo often comes in. Since 1999 he has been providing useable, sane and understandable advice to organisations both nationally and globally. Having vast real experience in tech, business and marketing, he’s able to quickly grasp the scenarios at hand, and provide the decision support needed. He is a regular speaking partner with investors of all kinds looking to find new ventures and skills. All work is handled with extreme confidentiality.